In any season or environment, having a comfortable place to gather, relax and entertain in the home is essential. Depending on how the space is used, the room can have a sophisticated sense of coziness, a mixed-use type of ease or a completely relaxed space for children or teenagers. No matter the guest or the level of comfort, the rules remain the same.

Choose Neutrals. Warm neutrals, in particular, give a room a sense of peace and tranquility. Bright pops of color, while lending personality to a room, tend to make a space feel more energized instead of serene

Introduce a Fireplace. A crackling fireplace is a classic when it comes to cozy living spaces. If a real fireplace is not an option, a gas or electric one offers the same look and feel of the real thing, without the maintenance. Use the fireplace as the main focal point in the living space and orient the rest of the room around it. 

More Texture. When choosing layers for your space, incorporate multiple textures to add interest and coziness. A mix of cotton, fur and knit fabrics in similar palettes would work, as well as textured window shades and wall art.





A Little Wood. Log cabins go all out when it comes to rustic coziness, but in most homes integrating just one woodsy accent can hint at the same aesthetic. This can be in the form of a live-edge coffee table, a unique lamp or even a piece of wood burning art.

Layer Up. Pillows and blankets are essential for a relaxed atmosphere. Choose layers in the same color palette and mix and match. Rugs also physically keep feet warmer while instantly making a space feel more intimate.

Richer Materials. Choosing lush, luxurious materials can instantly make a room cozier. Just scattering a little velvet or fur around the room – like in a seat cushion or a blanket – invites your guests to feel luxuriated.  

Go Organic. Holistic design is in, and using it makes a design both good for you and good for the environment. Raw fibers, organic textiles and eco-friendly furnishings release less harmful products into the air, which makes a room feel more restful and restorative.

Extra Touches. Design can be all about balance. Adding greenery can keep the space from feeling too stuffy and will make the room seem fresher in darker, winter months.

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